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If you are looking for a reliable firm to perfectly handle your home in the city of Markham, then meet Memar Architects. We provide a wide variety of services for all your building projects in Markham. Our extensive scope and knowledge of the local communities, building permits, and architectural design prowess will help you to actualize your dream of building a house or renovating an existing one.

We have vast experience in design, research, development, technical support and also construction administration for projects in several locations such as Bronte and West Markham (Click on this link to see some of our projects) This page provides everything that you need to know about the design process, getting a building permit and ways by which Memar Architects can help you to transform your idea into a home that you will love!

In this page you will find the summary of design process, building permit and how Memar Architects can help you go from a simple idea to the key of your dream home!

Memar Architects Design and Building Permit Process in City of Toronto

Memar Architects Design and Building Permit Process in City of Toronto

The Top Five Mistake Homeowners Make When Stating Construction

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Step Zero

The city of Markham has an office that will oversee your project. The map on this page will help you find out the boundaries of the city of Markham and check if your home is located in its territory. Also we have included the city’s contact information below:

Design and Permit Process for a Custom House in Markham

Before you can be allowed to start any major building project in the city of Markham, you will need to get a building permit. Getting the permit can sometimes take months depending on the size and the design of your building project. Obtaining the permit for a major building project can sometimes take up to 6 months before you will be allowed to start the project.

Minor projects that do not include making noticeable adjustments to the exterior of the building or changes to the footprint are usually faster to complete. Building projects that will include making an inclusion to the house or making an adjustment to the front to make it more beautiful and acceptable, usually take longer to complete.

As soon as your design has been done by an architect, the next thing to do is to submit it to the building department. An examiner will be asked to review and go through your project outline to ensure it is in accordance with the local zoning bylaws and also the Ontario Building Code and other laws that are applicable to building in the City of Markham. You should know that this step is mandatory for you to get a building permit.


An architect can help you complete this process and assist you in hiring other consultants when needed. A local architect specifically working in Markham can facilitate this process as they are more familiar with all bylaws and regulations.

How important is a Building Permit before starting a Construction in Markham?

The city of Markham has made it compulsory to obtain a permit before making any major adjustment to any xed structural and architectural elements of a building. These major changes that the law covers include making adjustments or moving mechanical xtures, load-bearing and non-load- bearing walls, making changes in exterior walls and any addition or adjustment to the grading of the building.

If you are interested in getting a full list of the requirements to obtain a building permit, with other relevant information and tips pertaining to design and construction of houses in Markham, make use of this link to DOWNLOAD our Complimentary Ebook.


The Top Five Mistake Homeowners Make When Stating Construction

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Four Major Phases to Realizing Your Custom Home in Toronto



Designing a custom home in Toronto is an exciting and dynamic experience! Your first decision: would you rather work with a drafting technician, or contact a professional architect? A drafter can help you draft what you need but an architect can understand why and what you need to change, and can help you find the most efficient and cost-effective design. There are many other advantages to hiring an architect because they will be able to help you avoid many common mistakes, especially if they are already familiar with local neighborhoods and building codes.



In the city of Toronto, your building application has to be in compliance with zoning bylaws (both new and old). A skilled architect can help you get through this phase, as they understand limitations and requirements related to bylaws. They will know how to apply proper changes to the design in order to maximize the use of the land and increase design efficiency.



Next, your architect will prepare a complete set of drawings for your house. These drawings will include sections, elevations, and construction specifications. Should you decide, the architect can also contact other professionals (such as Structural Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, and Surveyors) to prepare additional documentation required by the City of Toronto.



When all of your drawings and technical documentations have been assembled, it is time to submit your application to the City of Toronto. City examiners will work alongside your architect to conduct a complete review of the application. This phase requires constant communications between the city examiners and architect to ensure that the submitted documents are in full compliance with the City’s requirements.


Five Steps of Memar Architects Design Process


A professional architect will carefully and painstakingly go through the four stages that have been explained above. At Memar, we always go further. Our design process consists of seven phases as shown in the diagram below:

Committee of Adjustment (COA)

At Memar Architects, we have helped many clients to successfully receive approval from COA (Committee of adjustment) and OMB (Ontario municipal board). While we can’t guarantee the outcome of these meetings, we make sure to be well prepared for them. For us it is not just about showing up at the meeting and talk, but in addition to that, we make sure to design the project and present it based on solid precedent evidence and planning common laws. While this preparation takes a lot of resources from us, at the same time makes sure the proposed design along with prepared evidence and supporting documents have a lot more chance of approval. And that’s what we focus on--results!

In this diagram, you can see how a typical COA process looks like:

Our Cost-Effective Solution

The dynamic nature of our services makes it possible for us to provide top-notch eciency, while still being economical with our client’s resources and making sure the nal result of our client’s project comes out as expected and on time.

Our Response Time

You can trust us to always stand by our word! We will make sure that progress is being achieved on your project, and we will keep you updated about our progress on your project. We will be there for you throughout the entire project to make sure you make the right decisions at the right time. We assign a dedicated project manager for each project that you can easily communicate with. And we conduct two briengs per week to ensure that all our projects are being handled properly.

What makes Memar Architects unique?

You can trust the world-class professionals at Memar Architects to make your home dream become a reality. Our goal is to always produce the best results for our clients as quickly as possible in a very economical and reasonable way. You can always trust us to provide the best architectural services in the City of Markham.

Our Knowledge & Resources

Memar Architects is a registered member of the Ontario Association of Architects, the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC), and the American Institute of Architects. We are an award-winning architectural firm with extensive experience in design, building permits, and building science. We have won awards for our high quality design and service in a wide range of residential and commercial buildings, and our projects have been published in many different blogs and magazines. Memar Architects is equipped with a resourceful and well-skilled staff with valuable years of experience in the architectural industry. We work with some of the best surveyors, consultants, and engineers to ensure that we give our clients the best services when it comes to architectural design and renovation. Memar Architects is equipped with some of the latest architectural 3D software that is available to give our clients a clear idea of what to expect, and to allow them to make changes and adjustments before we start the project. Our main areas of specialization are design, research, development, technical support, and construction administration.


The Top Five Mistakes Homeowners Make when Starting Construction