Norlong Blvd

Lot: 32' X 109'
Area: 1,627 sqft
Location: Old East York, East York
Status: Complete

Credit: N.A.

City: Toronto

This extensively remodeled and modernized home is located within Toronto’s East York neighbourhood. The precise design of the home was to include the addition of a garage, which directly resolves a communal problem within East York. In order to keep the project as a renovation and not a newly built home, we kept with the City’s requirements, keeping 50% of the prevailing exterior walls.

Building exterior resources used were stucco and wood, which were carefully considered for this project, not only for their cost-effectiveness, but their ability to blend well with the existing structure. The sleek exterior design was intentionally finished off with horizontal soffits and overhangs that create the impression of a much broader home.

The open concept interior is just as modish with the use of light colours throughout, emphasized by natural permeating light coming from the large windows and skylights. These finishing touches embraced the tailor made and innovative look we strived for.